Irthling Group is focused on long term success through the application of market based management systems and techniques.

  • Vision- Determining where and how the organization can create the greatest value
  • Virtue and Talents- Helping ensure that people with the right values, skills and capabilities are hired, retained and developed.
  • Knowledge processes- Creating, acquiring, sharing and applying relevant knowledge, and measuring and tracking profitability
  • Decisions Rights- Ensuring the right people are in the right roles with the right authority to make decisions and hence maintain accountability.
  • Incentives- Rewarding people according to the value they create for the organization.


At Irthling Group, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. For us, this means respecting our customers, suppliers and partners and all the communities in which we operate.
And it is also about good governance- how we run our business, the standards that we apply across all our operations, how we manage financial and business risks, as well as how we manage our impact on the environment.


Equality of opportunity is central is our culture. We are a truly global business serving a diverse customer base throughout the world. It is critical that we attract, retain and develop diverse talent to best serve these customers. For us, being diverse is not optional; it is what we must be. We recognize that talent and ability are not monopolized by any one gender, race, culture or creed nor indeed by able bodied.

We provide supportive, meritocratic environment in which everyone can reach his or her full potential and assume levels of responsibility that are not usually possible elsewhere. Though we may hire dozens of people in any given year, we select talent one by one. Our performance review process is as developmental as it is evaluative and we have developed tailored training programs to help ensure our people maximize their full potential.


Irthling Group is committed to preventing injuries, preserving the environment and delivering products and services that meet or exceed expectations. Irthling Group is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of its activities, and to being the industry leader in HSE practices and performance through continuous improvement.

Irthling Group recognizes that its HSE performance ultimately lies with each of its individual employees, their ability to work together as a team and their commitment to take responsibility for their own safety and their colleagues.

Under this principle, HSE is a key responsibility for Line Management, and each manager has specific objectives in line with our HSE policies.

Training is an essential component of workplace HSE. It begins with orientation for all employees and contractors, and continues with updates and reviews through regularly scheduled meetings and refreshers. All employees are committed to achieving annual training, including general and job-specific HSE training.