With the ever-growing population in Africa, providing energy to suit the people’s needs have been challenging. Also, as mega cities continue to spring up in various geographical regions, the society requires innovative and less-costly solutions that can meet up to majority demands.

The energy department of Irthling Group is made up of team of seasoned engineers with over 10 years experience amongst the managing staff. We are well trained and equipped to provide energy solutions in all facets.

We have had over 50 installations and maintenance projects that have been on a successful trail in Africa, especially Nigeria to be precise.



Irthling Group has a wide range of transformers ready to be used on projects. Irthling engineers are skilled in the testing and commissioning of all types of transformers up to 15MVA injection substation transformers. We carry in stock many sizes of transformers for immediate dispatch and our technical partners in Europe can manufacture transformers specifically to suit client requirements, our product range comprises of the following; standard transformers, hermetically sealed transformers, converter transformers, transformer with on-load tap changer, earthing transformer, amongst other ranges of transformers.

Micro Turbines

Irthling is experienced in providing advanced Micro Turbine solutions for various markets. Our Micro turbine offerings are capable of generating 100-250KW continuous Onsite Electrical Power with integrated Heat Recovery and runs efficiently on low BTU gas.

The Micro turbines dilutes all fuel to 15 Btu/scf for internal operations thus allowing use of a wide range of gases to generate electricity such as: Landfill gas, Waste Water Treatment Digesters gas, Agriculture Digester gas, Manure Digester gas, Biogas processing gas, Biogas Tail Gas

Additional gas sources include: Oil Field gas, gas Fields, Gas pipeline Conditioning (Tail Gas), Associated Gas (Overhead Vapour and Tail gas), Pipeline Natural Gas.

We are proud to have been involved in over 10 micro turbine supply, installation and maintenance projects within Nigeria.